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Professionally installed temporary dust barriers and surface protection to control dust and prevent accidental damage.


We believe that controlling dust and preventing damage to vulnerable surfaces during the construction process is both achievable and a great way to protect homes and showcase your professionalism. 

Handing over pristine and undamaged surfaces at the end of construction works, and getting it right first time, is the mark of quality contractors and managers who take their business and reputations seriously.

Our goal is simply to help you cut the financial cost, time costs, environmental costs and aggravation of repair, replacement and cleaning by installing cost effective, quick, environmentally sound and tough protective barriers to all valuable and vulnerable surfaces on site.


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Ashley Lewis has worked in construction for long enough as a main contractor and surveyor to have seen first-hand the frustration of clients, the preventable waste, and even litigation faced by contractors when simple and easily avoidable damage has occurred. Having gained solid experience in the advantages, products and methods for protection, Ashley founded Glassafe with the aim of helping homeowners and contractors control dust and reduce damage to finishes on site. 

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"Saved us considerable time & hassle by protecting furniture, equipment and clean rooms during our refurbishment"

- FL, Solicitor, Maidenhead